Sabor Journal

Issue No. 01


Issue No. 01
Issue No. 01 Issue No. 01 Issue No. 01 Issue No. 01 Issue No. 01 Issue No. 01


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In this edition, France is under Sabor’s spotlight.

French cuisine, argues Paul Freedman, has lost its way, yet Aaron Ayscough pens a heartfelt defence on its behalf, and meets the young chefs at the centre of its renaissance. Meanwhile, sweet-toothed Alexander Lobrano writes in celebration of opulent, modern patisseries, and Philip Hyman unpicks the origins of bistros and their far-reaching influences. In Paris, we look at culinary imports: what’s a Parisian "brunch" and is it any good, where’s the best Korean fried chicken and how does one infiltrate the illegal bushmeat trade? 

Further afield, we hunt for the perfect “seedling to sake” rice with a Japanese sake obsessive, trace the journey from Algeria to Mayfair, via Hollywood, of ones of London’s foremost serial restaurateurs, and examine the science of spiciness, and the dualities between sex and food.

Having gorged themselves on hot pot in Hanoi, Venezuelan arepas and Filipino lumpia, readers can indulge our guide to choosing the perfect after-meal cigars and Ports.


Page count: 188 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 290 x 230 x 12.9 mm